Canon Arms is an Indoor Shooting Range and Full Service
Gun Shop catering to The Woodlands, Spring, and Crosby

About Us

Canon Arms  is an online and retail dealer and distribution center based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We specialize in providing quality firearms and accessories to registered buyers.

As a Class 3 NFA Dealer, we aim to provide our customers with the best tools for shooting sports, hunting, or whatever your firearm needs may be. We also have a hundred yard outdoor range, a laser engraver/custom designer, and offer knife-sharpening services at an unbeatable fee of only $10 for a standard pocket knife blade!

The Canon Arms retail store is 110,000 square feet location standing on 34 acres of land! We have over 1,000 guns on display
and over 10,000 in stock! This spacious location gives us the opportunity to offer our customers thousands of new products , training classes, chp classes, and the helpful knowledge to further their firearm experience.


252 N 134th ST Lincoln, NE 68527


Monday – Friday:

Range Hours


10AM – 8PM
9AM – 8PM
11AM – 7PM

10AM – 5PM
11AM – 5PM

Customer satisfaction and return visitors are our top priority.

Indoor Shooting Ranges

With nearly 50 lanes across our three locations, we can accommodate all of your shooting needs.

Top-notch Manufacturers

We carry only the best firearms provided by the highest quality manufacturers.

Full Service Gunsmith Shop

Whether it’s just a simple cleaning or something much more complex, our gunsmith is here to help.

Variety of Gun Accessories

From holsters and mags to ammo and knives, we carry a variety of shooting products.